Addressing the need for teen mental health treatment is tough for any family. Every parent wants their children to be healthy, whole, and happy. That’s why the Newport Academy Treatment Team’s  approach to teen mental health challenges begins with love, support, and acceptance.

If you are struggling, we understand. We are here to help.

We understand that your teen is a unique individual. He or she is in need of care and comfort. The goal of our clinical and holistic services is to help restore your teen to health. Consequently, teenage mental health treatment is about building a stable, strong foundation. As a result, such a foundation leads to a fulfilling and productive life.

If your child is suffering from teen depression, teen anxiety, a substance use disorder, an eating disorder, self-harm, Internet addiction, or any other teen mental health condition, we know what steps to take.

We have the experience, expertise, and care your teen needs to get well.


Our Experience with Teen Mental Health Disorders

The Newport Academy clinical team has a proven track record. We have helped many teens overcome adolescent mental health disorders. Like you, we also want to see your child thriving. Therefore, he or she will be back on the right track.

We can help you understand what is happening to your child. You need quality information. You need to make the right choices moving forward.

Teen mental health difficulties are scary. They also are complicated as well. This is particularly when you don’t know the answers.

Let us help guide you to a place of understanding. We know you want to take positive action.


Teenage Mental Health Help and Support

The Newport Academy clinical team provides both in-depth knowledge and clear communication. We can offer clarity amid the darkness of a crisis. We can be a light leading to a positive solution.

You need to understand what is happening. You need to know your options. Before making a decision, this is an important first step. After all, your child is the most precious part of your life.

First, know the warning signs in mental health for teens. Do you know what they are? Have you noticed some of them already?


Teen Mental Health Warning Signs

Teenage mental health problems rarely just happen. There are a multitude of warning signs. Therefore, we will offer insight into these red flags. For example, what behavioral shifts imply a teen mental health issue?

As a parent, you should know these warning signs. Being aware of teenage mental health red flags is a positive first step. Such awareness can help you catch a condition. You can stop it before it progresses to a teen mental health disorder.


Red Flags

None of these red flags are absolute indicators of an adolescent mental health condition or disorder. However, they are definite warning signs. They should be heeded and examined.

When it comes to your child, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Loss of self-esteem, feeling bad about themselves, depressive
  2. Sudden decline in academic performance without an obvious cause
  3. Increase in anger and aggression, emotional instability
  4. Rise in anxiety and worry, overly nervous, shaking, or restless
  5. Increased isolation, loss of interest in once-favored social activities
  6. Shift in amount or tenor of communication, silent or sharing too much
  7. Not eating enough, missing meals, or eating too much and too often
  8. Repetitive bouts of extreme crying or laughing for no apparent reason

Indeed, this is far from an exhaustive list. Still, it gives you a sense of what to look out for.

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