Depression Treatment

Therapy, medication, self-help? If you’re confused by all the different treatment options for depression, here’s how to decide the best approach for you.

8 Tips For Beating Depression

Between 80 and 90% of individuals treated for depression respond well and gain relief from their symptoms. There is no one specific method that will work for everyone, treating depression is often done using a combination of lifestyle changes, medication, and professional help.

What Are Symptoms Of Depression? How To See The Signs

Depression is a serious condition that has many signs and symptoms. You should be aware of these symptoms so you can also be aware of when you or others around you may be suffering from depression. Keep reading for a look at the symptoms of depression and an explanation on how to notice depression when present.


Sadness touches our lives at different times, but usually comes and goes. Depression, in contrast, often has enormous depth and staying power. It is more than a passing bout of “the blues.” Depression can leave you feeling continuously burdened and can squash the joy you once got out of pleasurable activities.

How To Feel Better About Yourself If You Are Depressed

When you are depressed, your self-esteem wanes and you may start to dislike yourself. People with depression often think of themselves as “worthless, incapable of any achievement, and morally despicable.” Why do people who are depressed have this negative self-appraisal? And what could be happening in their brains?

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