Text REACH to 741 741 to reach 24/7 support.


The Crisis Text Line is for anyone who is in crisis. At the end of the line, it provides a person who is ready to listen without you even speaking.

Text REACH to 741 741 from anywhere in the US to text a trained Crisis Counselor. Crisis Text Line trains volunteers to support people in crisis. With over 100 million messages processed to date, we’re growing quickly, but so is the need.

It takes $20,000 to run the Crisis Text Line program, which is funded by KidsMatter in partnership with the Prevention Leadership Team of the DuPage County Health Department and supported by the DuPage Foundation and other key partners.

Thanks to your generous donations, we are able to keep this essential program running for another year.


of texters who experience stress and anxiety mention relationships


texters who are under the age of 13 years


texters who share information that has never been shared before


texters who identify as LGBTQ+


Text REACH to 741 741 to reach 24/7 support.


Step #1

First, you’re in crisis. That doesn’t just mean suicide: it’s any painful emotion for which you need support. You text us at 741741.

Step #2

Your opening message can say anything: The REACH opt-in word just helps us know where people are learning about us!

Step #3

The first two responses are automated. They tell you that you’re being connected with a Crisis Counselor, and invite you to share a bit more.

About Our Crisis Counselors

The Crisis Counselor for KidsMatter’s Crisis Text Line is a mental health professional. They can provide support, but not medical advice.

Pardon Any Wait

It usually takes less than five minutes to connect you with a Crisis Counselor. (It may take longer during high-traffic times).


When you’ve reached a Crisis Counselor, they’ll introduce themselves, reflect on what you’ve said, and invite you to share at your own pace.

Texting Process

You’ll then text back and forth with the Crisis Counselor. You never have to share anything you don’t want to.

We Are Good Listeners

The Crisis Counselor will help you sort through your feelings by asking questions, empathizing, and actively listening.

Where We Hope We End

The conversation typically ends when you and the Crisis Counselor both feel comfortable deciding that you’re in a “cool,” safe place.

WE are HERE for YOU

TEXT REACH to 741 741.

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