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Do you use vaping or tobacco products including e-cigarettes like JUUL®? It’s probably costing you more than you realize. It isn’t cheap!

You can save more than $50 a month by quitting vaping products, cigarettes or other forms of tobacco. That’s $600 a year! There are so many other ways you could spend that money — buy clothes or concert tickets, go to a movie or out to eat. Why give it to tobacco companies?

It’s plain and simple — tobacco products hurt you.

Every time you vape or use any form of tobacco, you hurt your brain, lungs and every other organ in your body. It leaves you stressed and can make it harder to catch your breath. Vaping products can even explode in your face! Why take the risk?

Quitting is worth it. Within minutes of quitting, your body begins to heal itself. The sooner you quit, the more likely you are to live the rest of your life without permanent damage to your body and health.

What are your reasons to quit? Here are some ideas:

• You’ll protect your brain, lungs and other organs.
• You can save more than $600 a year.
• You won’t be giving tobacco and vaping companies exactly what they want.
• You won’t need to hide it from your parents, teachers or boss.
• You won’t smell like smoke.
• You won’t be hooked for life.
• You won’t feel as stressed.
• You won’t be labeled a smoker.
• Non-smokers will be more interested in dating you.

We get you. Thousands of teens have joined My Life, My Quit for free, non-judgmental support, 1:1 help to quit, and easy-to-follow tips from our friendly Coaches. Quitting alone is hard — quitting with support is easier!

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