Ryan Lauterwasser

Executive Board

Ryan Lauterwasser

Ryan Lauterwasser

Executive Board Member

Adolescent Inpatient Unit and Chemical Detox Unit
Linden Oaks Hospital

Ryan Lauterwasser has worked for Linden Oaks Hospital since 2005 and is currently the Manager for the Adolescent Inpatient and Chemical Detox Units. His work with high-risk youth for more than 20yrs developed into a passion for building hope and helping others believe in the possibilities of change. Ryan received his Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College and is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor.  The therapeutic model which guides his practice is grounded in the theory of relationship and aligns with principles from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. By strengthening the quality of relationship between our values and things like self, others, institutions, possessions, or media we can promote balance and healthy life engagement. 

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