To boost academic achievement, Eric Jensen, founder and CEO of Jensen Learning, encourages teachers to consider a few of these over-reaching approaches for their instruction.

Physical movement enhances instruction. In an age when PE is reduced in most schools, exercise oxygenates the blood that nourishes the brain. Students who move during instruction internalize their learning more quickly.

Socialization. Humans are social. We need to interact with others, and brain-based instruction includes collaborative strategies that teach how to work with others.

Embrace Differentiation. Most teachers recognize that students learn differently. It’s also critical to teach students that these differences are normal.

Chunk Learning. Breaking complex tasks down into manageable chunks facilitates learning. Teachers know that giving process directions one step at a time helps their students focus. So does presenting information in small bites

Make Emotional Connections. The amygdala, a tiny organ in the center of the brain, stores important emotions for the brain to recall later. Emotional connections help to cement concepts in learner’s minds.

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