Our culture is obsessed with numbers and data. In our jobs, many of us have a need to quantify and measure performance. Although standardized test scores like the SAT and ACT are important to some college admissions officers as indicators of a student’s ability to do college-level school work under pressure, they do not define your child’s intelligence, talent, or worth.

If your child is feeling ashamed about his or her test results, you must not let it take a downward spiral. Help your child put things into perspective. When the topic of ‘success in life’ is studied, it turns out that standardized test scores do not correlate with anything once the student graduates from college. Character traits such as resilience, optimism, and enthusiasm seem to guarantee success no matter what the person’s SAT or ACT scores were.

Remember, there are many colleges that no longer require standardized test scores and many others that will accept your child, no matter what scores he or she has.

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