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Description of Teen Volunteer Opportunities:

As a tutor for The Merry Tutor, you will have many different responsibilities, including:

  • Teaching and reviewing material in person and virtually
  • Correcting work
  • Creating practice problems
  • Working with other tutors
  • Speaking with parents

Our Board of Directors is responsible for tutor recruitment and scheduling, community outreach and publicity, fundraising and financial management, recording and tracking tutee progress.

Benefits: You will benefit from tutoring with The Merry Tutor in many ways. Volunteering as a tutor:

  • Adds to college resumé
  • Offers community service hours
  • Allows students to develop communication skills
  • Provides leadership opportunities (The Board runs The Merry Tutor)
  • Facilitates new friendships

Are Volunteer Opportunities one time, ongoing, or both?


Minimum Age Requirement:

Tutors must be high school freshman

Skills or Experience Necessary:

Qualities the Volunteers Should Have:
Be enthusiastic, collaborative, responsible, flexible, committed, loyal, and patient

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