Schmaltz Deli

Schmaltz Deli

Jenna Kadziulis

3011 Ogden Ave

Lisle, IL 60532

(630) 484-5280

Positions Available:

  • Bakery Supervisor
  • BOH Kitchen Prep / FOH Line Prep
  • Deli Associate / Cashier / Deli Counter / Phones
  • Sandwich Line / Sandwich Artist

Skills or Experience Necessary:

  • Outgoing Personality / Ability to be LOUD / DIRECT when needed!
  • Punctual
  • Organized and Detail Oriented (Nobody likes a sloppy work station)
  • Able to move quickly and keep pace with flow of business (Have the ability to kick it into high gear during rushes)
  • Prior restaurant experience preferred (We will mentor those without experience)
  • Ability to prioritize tasks throughout your shift (Staying focused throughout your shift. There is ALWAYS something to do).
  • Don’t mind talking with many generations of deli patrons, keeping it clean… (Professional Schmoozer and builder of relationships!)
  • Does not mind cleaning, this is everyone’s deli, what if your Bubbe came into eat here!? (food safety / sanitation background is a plus!)
  • Nerves of steel! Our deli is LOUD, FAST and there is always something to do or learn. (You will have many teachers.)
  • Team Player (An Absolute MUST!)
  • Excited for a new opportunity and career path. Not just collecting a pay check! We want team members that want more out of their work (take some pride), and want to make this a start to their next career!

Minimum Age Requirement:


Minimum Hours per Week:


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